Dear readers of TGTF

Mary L. Chang with Willaris. K in Brisbane, Australia
There Goes the Fear (TGTF) was a UK/US/IE music website. From 2005 to 2020, TGTF published album and single reviews, essays, interviews, live gig and festival previews and reviews, and ticket alerts. The website also featured up-and-coming bands (Bands to Watch) and new promotional and live videos (Live Gig Video and Video of the Moment).
Thank you to our loyal readership, the people who were interested in what we had to say about artists, whether they were fresh talent looking for a break or were already established. Bloggers rarely receive positive comments in this business. Please know that if you stopped any of us at a show or festival to give us a kind word, or you dropped us a compliment in a comment on the website or by email, that was appreciated.
Thank you to the artists who trusted us with interviews and other exclusives. To those who welcomed us into your inner circle and who valued us and what we were trying to do, you are all stars.
Thank you to the helpful management, press agents, venue staff, and other support folks who provided us with artist access, review materials, and press passes to gigs and festivals. The music industry is a difficult, fickle mistress, and your kindness will be remembered.

Big love,
Mary x
Editor-in-Chief and Owner

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